What is the Science of Getting Rich (SGR) program?

The Science of Getting Rich program was developed as a collaboration between three gentlemen, Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield. These three men are best known for their work with the Law of Attraction, metaphysics and a related documentary, The Secret. Through the SGR program, they teach techniques that can significantly increase one's annual income. A major promise of the program claims that one's annual salary can be turned into their monthly salary fairly quickly if they follow the given process.

How is the SGR program different from other income making programs?

The Science of Getting Rich program itself focuses on helping one to harness the law of attraction in order to gain wealth. However, it not only helps to program one's mindset to be in sync, and focused on money making opportunities, it also has its own income opportunity in the form of an affiliate program. The program encourages its followers to sell the program itself, they in turn get a cut of the sale, (by being an affiliate) and begin to make money.

I have participated in, and discussed many affiliate marketing opportunities, and I rarely come across a program that helps to improve one both personally and financially like this does. There are many legal online products to purchase and to market. However, some are much better than others as far as true profitability, long term income streams and the quality of their home business opportunity. I believe the affiliate program for SGR is a very good one. I have based this opinion not just on the requirements that I set for my own the affiliate marketing participation, but also on the number of positive testimonials that can be found online regarding the opportunity.

How profitable is the SGR affiliate program?

Basically, the Science of Getting Rich offers a two-tier affiliate program. The commission for getting an individual to sign up via ones own affiliate campaign is $ 250. It is not necessary to purchase the program in order to become an affiliate. If one does purchase the program they are allowed to use existing marketing templates and other tools that are already set up, to aid in the success of their campaign. Because of this reason, this is a good program for those who are new to the internet marketing business in that the program helps them to get started.

In conclusion, the Science of Getting Rich is a legit business opportunity. The responsibilities available through the SGR affiliate program are more than many other programs online. The program itself is suitable for anyone trying to improve their life and / or the lives of their loved ones.


Source by Christopher Castillo