The Media Has Spun Out Of Management

Business InsiderI am guessing that you make your manner over to their career website and see what openings can be found. If there’s one you like, you polish up your resume and spend a number of hours drafting up a cover letter. Finally, you head again to their profession website, take a deep breath, cross your fingers and hit submit. As an example: Why do you suppose that it’s potential to order manufactured goods from China with FREE DELIVERY? This is because the USPS closely subsidizes shipping from China. Should you, as an American business particular person, offered a $10 item and shipped it to somebody 20 miles away, your transport value may easily be $10. Because of USPS subsidies to Chinese language sellers/manufacturers, you can not compete on price. Your potential customer will buy from China and save ten bucks on delivery.

He tells us that the final word objective of the Illuminati, is to create a Borg (Star Trek) type hybrid human, that may be managed by a one world AI intelligence. To do this they intend to awaken the Reptilian genetic markers in our DNA and manipulate them to create a race of humans that can microchipped and mind managed. He says they are doing this by manipulating the ley strains of the Earth to create a hyperspace language that can filter through these natural vitality grids and radiate vitality on a micro degree that can affect each residing organism on Earth. He says this type of manipulation has been ongoing for hundreds of years.

Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve have always been owned by multinationals. They by definition can not commit treason. The fallacy is in the thoughts of the American in believing these institutions are American to begin with. Nope, The Declaration of Independence was a monetary doc, not a statement of non-public freedoms. The powers of international finance have been hell bent on re yoking this country for the reason that chains were solid off. If bullets and Gun powder couldn’t do it, then compound curiosity and taxes will accomplish the same end.

According to an article based mostly on an interview of Mark Richards in November of 2013 referred to as 1979 Battle at Dulce NM To Free Sex Slaves by Alfred Webre, upon being briefed by the Intelligence Companies involved in Alien contact, then President Carter, was so outraged by the abductions of thousands of younger ladies by the MIC and their Alien allies, that he formed a brand new extremely-prime secret group inside the NSA, known as Department Z, to fight the Alien menace throughout the borders of the United States.

He explains that MK Ultra, Challenge Model and Undertaking Monarch are actually simply extensions of what the Nazi scientist learned about learn how to fracture or create alternate egos (alters) by ritualistic physical, mental and emotional abuse of children. The most common tactic is sexual abuse, rape and torture which trigger the mind of the kid to splinter and shatter into alters to guard itself.