The Good, The Unhealthy & The Ugly

Financial NewsNote: In case you are running Web Explorer 10 and above, be sure that it isn’t in compatibility mode. I suggest that we either tax the banks, or preferably the trades of Wall Avenue to claw again money. I don’t care if these international vermin paid again what they borrowed. They don’t seem to be paying back all the misplaced jobs, the losses of investors on the inventory market, etc. They don’t have trillions to make folks whole. So I say, Obama, tax the trades of these vermin and do it NOW.

Effectively, we knew that Goldman was to not be prosecuted for Treason didn’t we? In fact, there was no prosecution in any respect. Goldman Sachs was given slightly slap on the wrist by authorities who loves the corporate. Effectively, they did not love Goldman for shorting the sovereign nations. This is the way in which I take a look at it. There are the Titans of outdated money, ie the backers of the central banks. And there are Titans of the shorts. The Titans of the Shorts, Goldman Sachs and hedge funds angered the Titans of the old money by shorting sovereign debt. Who knows if this was why prices were introduced in the first place? I suppose we are going to never know.

The federal government did not even attempt to settle the difficulty, and discount with Goldman Sachs for a partial payment from AIG which was, by then managed by the government. Goldman Sachs ought to pay numerous this money again. They need to pay the subsidies back that they are using to make obscene earnings and pay over 300 THOUSAND dollars per employee on the end of the year. The US government is subsidizing this behavior and it’s so wrong. The actual economy wants this assist.

It is so stunning how we are actually engaging in these scandalous activities,most recent one theLehman Brother’s use of REPO 105 TRANSACTIONS to enhance its leverage position at financial reporting interval ends. That is so terrible and placing our occupation at risk and with a BIIIIIIIG query mark. You and me must do one thing to uophold our core values of Integrity and professionalism,otherwise we’ll keep deceptive Traders,regulators and even our fellow professionals.

Also, you’re right regards China and treasury bonds. For China to encourage extra US debt at this point would harm their profits-that is what the entire Geithner factor was about. Nevertheless, the communist goal of world domination stays in place, and now Russia and China are tight-even with their differences. Each agree that the US is the target.