Its true, right now we're going through an extraordinary period in world history. The world has changed and will continue to do so, even more quickly.

The future is going to be about taking responsibility for your own financial and economic well being, and the days of relying on an employer or the government for your financial future are a thing of the past. We see it in the newspapers every day now, company after company laying off staff in order to survive, if not closing down altogether because they are no longer economically viable.

We've even seen developed western countries like Iceland go bust, which previously would have been absolutely unthinkable, and many of the others may not be far behind, think USA, UK or even Ireland.

Things got bent out of shape, particularly boring so that things that just did not make sense were the norm and boatloads of money was spent on things that produced no return.

The future is going to be different, and this is good and its going to begin when people accept and embrace that they are responsible for exactly how things are for them right now, down to how much money they have in their pocket, and the clothes They have on their back.

It starts with recognizing that you're responsible for how you feel, how you look and how you act toward yourself and those around you, and when when you start to appreciate this, man will change your life for the better.

Who would you rather be, the guy who loves roses, or the man who whines about the thorns? You see your life will be determined by the things you focus on, and winners are always able to see the opportunities, because that's what they've trained them to look for.

Speaking of opportunities, its when things seem their most chaotic that the largest opportunities exist. Think America during the late 19th Century when there really was a Wild, Wild West, yet this or maybe because of it John D. Rockefeller became the wealthiest man in the world. Rockefeller saw the opportunity of taming the chaotic oil market in America and the rest is history.

We are going through a similar period now, and the largest difference is going to be how quickly and easily we can make huge volumes of money now. We have access to extraordinary efficiencies that people like Rockefeller only dreamed of, particularly in terms of communication.

The internet has opened up the world in a way that before was never conceivable possible. Today you can buy a house or a car on eBay in pretty much any country in the world with the click of a button, and alternately what this means is that you sell whatever or want to whomever you want, or whatever wants to buy from you Also at the click of a button.

Home based online businesses have brought an absolutely new dimension to the concept of making money while you sleep, where your bank is physically receiving payments from your customers without any need for your presence whatever.

Home based online businesses will impact your future, and only you can decide whether you're buying from one, or selling as one.


Source by Gary John McGeown