The Best Gifts to Buy an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have an overpowering drive to succeed. They spend every waking moment thinking about how to turn an idea or business into a success story. Their determination is inspiring. So, this holiday season, you want to buy your favorite small business owner, innovator or driven dreamer a gift that helps them on their journey to success.

The following list has been selected because each gift provides some form of assistance to an entrepreneur’s goals.


Buy her an idea journal. Get a premium notebook with a leather or wood cover; look for one with natural dividers or separation tabs that you can add to it. Encourage her to use this notebook to get organized, jot down lists and ideas, and add notes during important meetings.

This journal could become a multipurpose savior for her.

Whiteboard and Markers

Buy a whiteboard and set of erasable markers, so that she can write down ideas as they surface. Seeing her ideas on a whiteboard as she enters her home will make them a constant priority. She’ll be more likely to address the topics on the whiteboard more often, and then reach a breakthrough with her innovations.

This display tool also helps with developing presentations. She could use the whiteboard during pitches to investors or partners.

Premium Pens

Buy her an engraved pen. Make the inscription something both sentimental and inspiring. Use the pen to tell her how proud of her achievements you are, or pick a quote that speaks to her dreams. Shop for writing utensils that not only can be engraved, but also have gliding ink, a beautiful design, and durable.

This pen will make her feel more professional, and more eager to sign contracts with her one of a kind, premium gift.


A kindle lets her stock up on her favorite business books. She won’t have to trek books from one location to another because every book that she needs will likely have an ebook that she can buy and download to her kindle.

The ebook device not only fits ebooks but audible books. She can listen to hours of business manuals while traveling to and from work, classes, and meetings. Purchase a gift subscription to Audiobooks, and then buy a few key business books for her kindle.


Not everyone wants to embrace the digital age when it comes to books. For those who love the feel and smell of a new, or slightly used, book, get them some of the best new and classic business books. We recommend that you make sure to add Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Lean Startup by Eric Ries, and Essentialism by Greg McKeown to her book collection.


Every entrepreneur needs software with certain attributes, such as financial management, creating PowerPoint presentations, and composing documents. Buy her a few key business software programs. Ask her for her preference for certain computer programs: you want to get her ones that she feels comfortable using. The idea is to lessen her stress not add to it.

Tech Devices

Upgrade her smartphone or laptop. Buy a new device to make managing her business less stressful. Ask her for some suggestions, so that you can get her a device that you know she wants and will use.

Amazon Gift Card

Many of the items listed above can be purchased on Let her pick her own gift by giving her an Amazon gift card. Help her save even more by recommending that she checks Amazon’s Groupon discount page before making purchases. She’ll be surprised by how much she can get with that gift card and discount codes.