MoneyWith the help of money, producers can but raw material, plant and machinery. They can settle their money owed and pay corporate taxes. No country wherever on the planet right now has an enforceable gold standard or silver standard forex system. Many of those concepts are new to me. Voted … Continue Reading


Being in business is like living itself. When one is in business, one encounters many things, including a few moments of enjoyment, pleasure, or happiness. Many times there is destruction, panic, desperation, or confusion. The majority of business consists of not-so-exciting, repetitive, and half-pleasant daily experiences. Some people become … Continue Reading

Money MachineMaking money on the web is an effective technique to supplement your retirement pension fund. The average pension won’t go so far as we once hoped it will. My first ironer was made by Simple and is in good shape except for the lack of a motor. It was given … Continue Reading

MoneyA sample image of a fictional ATM card. The largest part of the world’s money exists solely as accounting numbers which are transferred between financial computer systems. Numerous plastic cards and other units give individual customers the power to electronically transfer such money to and from their financial institution accounts, … Continue Reading