Money MachineSome those that sew begin sewing items as a interest. Making new items to stitch can be enjoyable, and as soon as it’s perfected you may turn it right into a business. Many people take their clothes to a cleaners to be sewed up if it has holes in it. … Continue Reading


Like it or loath it, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a necessary part of your online marketing strategy.

Many believe it involves gathering together a list of keywords, sticking them into a website and people will find you.

Sadly it doesn’t work like that, which is why so many … Continue Reading

MoneyA. Use of money has given rise to greed and exploitation of poor which has resulted in larger inequalities of incomes and wealth. History exhibits that it’s the economic exploitation that triggers any social upheaval. Nice article with glorious tips! As persons are dwelling longer I suppose that’s why the … Continue Reading


The internet of things (IoT) started out as a simple concept: allow individual objects to communicate directly with each other without the need for human interaction. On its surface that might seem to be cutting humans out of the picture, but that is far from the truth. Not only … Continue Reading