I believe an entrepreneur should have the ability to take risks and believe in his or her capabilities. He or she needs to have the courage and conviction to rise and stand up after failures. This is what Sheldon Adelson, owner and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation does in my opinion.

I believe that he has conviction and courage because he has seen the other side of the world as well. Born in impoverished conditions, his father used to drive cabs while his mother ran a knitting shop. You can see the entrepreneurial streak in him at the age of 12 years when he borrowed $ 200 dollars from his uncle to purchase a license to sell newspapers. Subsequently, he started a candy-wending machine business unit with $ 10,000 dollars borrowed from his uncle.

He tried out various jobs such as becoming a court reporter and even joined the army. However, the entrepreneurial spark in him forced him to quit the army and plunge head first into the business world. He got into many types of businesses, such as selling kits for the toilet and chemical sprays to clean windshields.

He became a millionaire in his early thirties but lost as much money as well. Switching over to the computer industry, Adelson developed the computer trade show company, Comdex. He made a fortune by selling Comdex to SoftBank Corporation in 1995. In between, he and his partners invested in the Sands casino.

This marked his first venture into the casino business industry, which earned him his billions. He built several casinos in Macau and Singapore. Sheldon is a core Republican at heart. He was one of the principal donors to Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. He is the recipient of various honors and awards for his contributions to the corporate world.

Do you want to be a businessman or woman?

Before you join any start-up company or build your own brand, you must get involved in the industry you will want to be a part of. When you first start, it will not be easy. You will have to spend a lot of money to get your company out of the ground before

you see a single cent. However if you have conviction and courage, you will see success in no time.

You should start off by figuring out what who you are as a person so you can have a better understanding on what industry to get involved in.


Source by Marc-Eddy Drouinaud Jr