When we look towards the Internet for our business we have a basic need or wish to earn money – it’s as simple as that. This need can be just a casual idea to venture out and earn some extra cash (that would be nice) or it may be a real need, a desire to survive and build a future as an online entrepreneur.

 To those that wish to make it a long term career, there is one ingredient which is indispensable to success: Passion.  Our passion is our future.  It becomes the essence of creating an ambiance for success.  If you do not have it, can you cultivate it?

1. Vision

The first thing you need is to take your desire, maybe a vague idea or “feeling” to make money and turn it into something more visible, almost tangible.  Like all business ventures, start with a vision, seeing your position over time.  Be clear about what you see you will have – what will your house be like, what car, a boat, or just a certain amount in your banking account.  Make it such a clear picture that you can think about it every day and be determined that you will get it.

2. Belief

By having your desires in a more visible form you can associate with them on a more realistic level.  Look at them every morning when you wake up, every evening before you go to bed.  A wise man once said that your leisure time should be spent contemplating your desires.  Cultivate a belief that you can reach your goals.

3. Gratitude and Creativity

A strange combination, you say.  But let us look at it in this way.  To be grateful for what comes your way each day is to be content and thus to be happy.  This does not mean you do not have this passion for getting to where you want to be, but it brings a mindset that is more conducive to creativity.  And creative you have to be!  Be competitive in a positive and creative way.

4. Always Offer More

When you sell something, always pick a product you can believe in so that you self esteem will grow with your business.  Always strive to offer something which is worth more to your client than the payment you get.  Be sure of this and cultivate a passion from this belief.  Your reputation will also not do too badly in the process.


The greatest men in history had a passion and would not have been capable of doing what they did without it.  Their motivation was to deliver or establish something worthwhile for mankind.  In visualizing and building your business see yourself as delivering a much needed service and offer only the best.  The money will follow.


Source by Theuns Pienaar