First of all if you have read any of my previous articles or blog posts I really despise the word "newbie." For those of you that happen to be newbies, (a slang term for a newcomer to online gaming or an Internet activity) this article should make you feel more confident when dealing with those individuals, or nobies (my new term for NO experience) that May be knocking at your door and kicking the tires of your new online venture to see if you are the right one for them to be in business with. You see, what they do not understand is that there will come a time that they jump into an internet business venture and have absolutely no clue what they are doing. With that thinking in mind, they have no right judging you for your lack of experience, after all, you must have some knowledge of internet marketing or they would never have found you. This article is dedicated to all newbies that deserve a lot of respect for at least making the decision to start or get involved with an online business venture.

As a newcomer to an internet business venture you will come across many "offerings" that will claim to make your lives easier, make you more money, automate "the" process, etc. But what you need to keep in mind is the basics of internet marketing to get your website exposed to the masses. Granted, getting started may seem to be the hardest thing to do initially, but keeping it simple with article marketing, blog posts, good anchor text or key word will make your life easier and make you look like a seasoned internet Marketing veteran to the new person looking at your site. Remember, there will come a time that people will start to contact you regarding your venture and however they found you is only important to one person, yourself. You have now taken the basic steps to get your site noticed and again, that is all that matters. When Mr / Mrs newbie asks how long you have been with your business, the only answer necessary is "long enough to understand how to drive people to my website." Or you can also reverse their question, by asking them if they are new to your type of business. That way you can tell them that you have a marketing system in place that is easy to follow and designed to drive people to any website. Newcomers to the online marketplace are only looking for direction and a mentor they feel comfortable working with. Likely your initial phone contact with them will be more important than if you know how to market your business. Remember marketing online is not only a learning process, but everyone (almost) has to start with the basics of marketing and build on that. Let me also remind you that only a small percentage of internet businesses survive, usually due to a lack of focus goals and persistence. Again, the importance of what you know and how to get someone else started is much more important than how long you have been involved.

To Your Success
Dr. Dave


Source by David Kahan