There is no magic bullet that will turn a potential lead into a potential down line candidate. Instead, showing off your home based network marketing business to a down line candidate is an equal mix of selling the product and company as well as selling you as the member of the candidates up line she or he will have to deal with on a daily basis . While only you and the candidate can exceptionally decide if you are up line material, there are some ways that you can hedge your bets and put some strength behind your presentation of the business, product and yourself.

Much like a business presentation to a live audience, showing off your home based network marketing business to a down line candidate will require you to prepare well in advance and present with gusto. The added difficulty, however, rests on the fact that you only have one individual you are dealing with. In a room full of potential candidates you will have the power of playing off a few and so set the mood in the room which even those who might have been impersonated to your presentation will ever catch a hold of. Instead of having this mode of mood setting, you will now have to engage directly with one person, hoping that what makes them tick and open to your presentation will become readily apparent early on.

Turning this perceived disadvantage into an advantage will take a bit of doing but it is possible. Here is how. Showing off your home based business to a down line candidate requires you to understand that persons needs. Ask questions early on and get to know the individual, their hopes and dreams and also their immediate needs. Tailoring your presentation to the immediate needs with an eye on future possibilities is a vital first step in wooing a candidate to your marketing business opportunity.

Plan your presentation by highlighting the aspects of the business that will be of the most interest to your candidate. Perhaps the individual is very involved in wellness and thus entering into a business relationship with you will allow her or him to bring wellness products and education to other people who else may not know about the way to become or stay healthy. Conversely, if it is the money that is of primary importance, make the candidate understand how the hard work she or he is willing to spend on the business will pay off.

Do not be bashful when presenting your business. Much like taking a reporter friend on a blind date with your gorgeous and smart other friend, you will want to make great claims about the business and then have the glossy brochures and materials validate each and every claim you have made. While in a way you will be stating that which is found within the brochures, you want to make sure not to use the same words and phrases, lest the candidate be turned off by your regurgitation of the material.


Source by Obinna Heche