Convert your inner dialogue about change.

Yes, begin converting your inner dialogue about change to the fact there is nothing to be afraid of, and when you begin to tell yourself something negative, stop and replace it with statements of light, like:

The power of the universe always provides me with what I need. If what I am experiencing now is not the answer, something better will come along to assist me on my heroic mission.

The light is your reality which is all goodness–and when you observe complication, confusion, anxiety, and other stressful unhappy situations and its means for survival, you are bringing light to that darkness.

Offer your service, your product, your willingness to assist in the discomfort of change, and your presence with a smile reflecting the confidence that knows it may help.

Now see how fortunate your prospects are for having you on their team. Just like the many who jump started their careers by experiencing everyday miracles, so too, can you, extend your light to others.

Helping others

Think of what is happening when you have a product or a service that will make someone else’s life better.

A Course in Miracles states, “You are truly blessed indeed. Yet in this world you do not know it.”

Consider when a dark room is exposed to light, the room is no longer dark. Because of its exposure to light the dark room becomes nonexistent, and now it is a different room, with new meaning, one of light.

Just like A Course in Miracles urges us to realize, what you are is truly light when you help someone succeed, because you are realizing the ego in each of us has logic that relies on darkness.

Realizing the ego in each of us has darkened logic.

The ego in each of us is that darkness and it works hard to reinforce your fear, because only the fearful can be egotistical. The ego’s logic is amazing.

It knows that our mind has the means to end the mad idea that “someone else must lose for you to gain,” ending the idea of separation from what it is we truly will to be.

We are conditioned to believe that our only way to gaining peace is through the ego, and the ego understands this. Self-reinforcing, it encourages us to maintain our beliefs.

The ego is terribly afraid of change, because it thinks change threatens peace.

The truly successful are those who understand that we need to use that supreme knowledge of our own about the world of illusion we call life, so we may begin undoing the ego mind.

To what you truly want to be


Source by James Nussbaumer