Have you ever heard of one of the richest people in the world living in the same small house for decades? One such person is Li Ka-shing, the owner of Cheung Kong Industries. In spite of being the 2nd richest person in Asia and the 18th in the world, Li Ka-shing lives a frugal life. This is because he believes in not forgetting his roots.

The son of a school teacher, Li had a very humble beginning. After his father’s death, he left China for good and went to stay in Hong Kong as a refugee. Working for over 16 hours a day, Li spent his childhood and early youth in literal penury. Therefore he has seen his share of sufferings in life. He understands what it is to be poor. Hence, this explains his frugality when it comes to his personal appearance and lifestyle. He still wears a simple pair of shoes and very simple clothing.

Having worked in a plastic company during his tough days, he learned the art of operating a plant. His first foray into the business world was through a plastic company that he founded with his personal savings and money borrowed from friends and relatives. He started manufacturing plastic flowers and sold them in the local markets. He refurbished his plant to impress a foreign buyer. He bagged the order and there was no looking back since then. He ventured into real estate activities and earned a fortune. He named his real estate company, Cheung Kong. In 1979, he acquired Hutchinson Whampoa Limited from HSBC and created a massive conglomerate.

Not one to place all his eggs in one basket, Li Ka-shing invested in retail, asset trading, internet technology, and various other sectors to reach the level that he has today. He has the reputation of being one of the most philanthropic businessman having donated huge sums of money to various charities all over the world.

In order for you to have the same success that he had, you must get educated and you must be willing to put in the work. When it comes to starting a business, people lack drive and effort. You must be willing to humble yourself and ask for help, just like what this extraordinary businessman did. Get involved in the industry you will like to be involved in so you can learn the ropes and capitalize on the knowledge you receive just like he did.


Source by Marc-Eddy Drouinaud Jr