For about two years now, I have seen people within the forums declare that Google Adsense revenue from Hubpages is passive income. Undoubtedly the property is purchased by you out of your overseas income and it may be proved, in case the Departments asks you to explain. I am an … Continue Reading

IKOS seeks to recruit a doctoral candidate with glorious analysis skills who will examine the relationships between cultural heritage and indigenous identity. The true value to the society must embody all prices, regardless of the individuals on whom its influence falls and its incidence as to who bear them. The … Continue Reading

It is not possible these days to be considered wealthy unless we will department out, begin a business, create something new, take calculated risks, and reap the rewards from very very hard work. Their major responsibility is to assist information students via an necessary period in their lives. My best … Continue Reading


Digital technology continues to connect both people and devices worldwide. It has transformed business procedures and has created social networks that have revolutionized our economy. Not all organizations have embraced the digital trend though. While many have largely invested in technological advancements like the internet of things, artificial intelligence, field … Continue Reading