Having the opportunity to work with a business in a similar situation, in that both are new businesses facing similar challenges, collaborative projects provide a platform for mutual learning and can act as a working support while bearing in mind each businesses limits. Having a good working business relationship can be inspiring, motivational and empowering.

Supporting charities is important to both businesses as well as building relationships within communities. Having a common interest allows the businesses to develop a good strong relationship which goes beyond everyday business.

Going forward, further collaboration will allow the relationship to grow and have a continued benefit for business.

Both of the businesses are new but have learnt quickly that forging relationships is key to business. Building relations grows knowledge, our network and contacts, reputation and referrals and even assists with the development of ideas.

Since the inception of the businesses both have shared their business experiences, learnt from each other and have been able to identify strategies that work more quickly. As both have varying skills, experience and backgrounds the businesses have also been able to collaborate on particular projects, which have in turn allowed plans to move forward. Both companies are unique in their offering of differing services but have found that they can still be linked depending on the client and their requirements.

Links can be made with the most unsuspecting of businesses. It is therefore important not be closed minded to opportunities as it could prove most valuable.

Two opposing businesses can vary in their offerings and can be from different fields in the market but their target markets are similar in that they cover a broad spectrum and are widely spread. Both businesses can adapt similar marketing strategies and can work together to achieve this.

Having a successful business is more than just making a profit its a continual learning curve. Each day brings a new challenge which can be achieved by having the right information, from the right contacts, with the right network. Building a network that consists of relative contacts as well as those outside of the box has proven to be very beneficial. Each contact or person met is a potential opportunity for business, clientele, relations or even knowledge. It is important not to discount a new business relation that is not directly related to the business field i.e. Event Management or Relocation.

The unexpected can happen at any given time, continual building of bridges is vital for continual succession, development and growth of a business, especially new businesses trying to establish themselves within the market. The market is always changing and contacts in the network can be beneficial in terms of updates and industry knowledge required to move business forward onto the next stage.


Source by Amariah Stewart