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Credit money is of newer origin. Folks keep part of their money with banks which they can withdraw at any time they like or can transfer to some other particular person by a bank cheque. The cheques and drafts, being most convenient type of transferring worth, have come to be accepted as bank money, though they are not money correct as their acceptance is elective. Nevertheless, they carry out crucial function of money, viz. as a medium of payment.

Philosophically, something may be money, but cash and paper notes are the most usually accepted varieties. Usually, every country on this planet has its personal money, but in many circumstances several nations use the same money (such as the Euro). A country’s government designs and manufactures that nation’s money.

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Earlier than the advent of money, the exercise of change was carried out by way of barter system. In barter system folks exchanged items and companies of their possession with goods and providers obtainable with others. A farmer exchanged his surplus food grain with the weaver for his surplus cloth. This method helped the weaver and farmer to satisfy their wants. It was going effectively on the time when transactions are restricted. When the transactions elevated and the want or need of human being increased, it was felt the need of a single medium of alternate. This want of a single medium of alternate result in invention and evolution of money.