Finding the Best New Online Business Opportunity – The Key to Success in Network Marketing


Many of you who search the Internet trying to find the best new online business opportunity face the most time consuming problem of all – distraction. There are so many so-called opportunities out there that you can be distracted very easily – like a kid in a candy shop -oh wow, look at this, oh. And look at that, oh, and what about this over here !!! The choices can be overwhelming, so you are lost before you begin to do any research. Do not fall into this trap! You'll never make a thing! Decide on something that you have a real passion for, and look at those opportunities only! Now you can focus.

Pick the best of these and research them, carefully and thoroughly … and please, use credible, responsible sources. Remember, anyone can put anything on the Internet, so consider the source. If John Doe rants about Company A, and tells you how he got burned, is there anyway to contact him? Website? Phone number? Is he a reputed business man? There are many reasons why people fail in Network Marketing. I'll leave it at that for now.

Both Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki said if they lost all of their money now, they would recreate their wealth through Network Marketing. In fact Donald Trump was on David Letterman when he said so, and was booed. He turned to the audience and said "You see, that's why you're out there, and I'm up here."

I have been fortunately, and found an excellent opportunity. I'm not even looking for another one, but I still get intrigued by some of the opportunities available to me for the picking!

One other thing, beware of companies that 1. are very expensive to join, 2. require the purchase of a large amount of product, and 3. hove one product that will cure everything. The FTC takes a dim view of them, and several are under investigation. Take your time. Do your homework, and know you companies' histories.


Source by Winifred Marshall