At Watt Media, we often consult small business owners on the best ways to convey a professional image. Many start-up business owners do not realize the signals they give off that make it obvious that they are a small one-person business. Here are 5 things Do not do that just scream, "I am a one-person business":

1. Do not have kids screaming in the background during a phone conversation. Have a home-based business? Many of the most successful businesses started that way, but nothing will make you look more "small time" than making it so obvious. (Same goes for barking dogs!)

2. Do not use a cell phone. Does your business phone number ring to a cell phone? Calls breaking up, echo – it's obvious to people you're on a cell phone. If being a one-person business is not something you want to promote, use a land line.

3. Do not answer your phone, "Hello?" Nothing screams "small time" more than answering your phone with a mere, "Hello." You're running a business – answer with your business name!

4. Do not have a personal voice-mail outgoing message. What do customers hear when you're not there? If you use your home phone line for business, they will hear your home answering machine – talk about small time! Same with your cell phone – "Hi, this is John, leave me a message …" – small time !! Invest in a separate phone line and leave an outgoing message with your company name. Better yet, get someone else to record it for you!

5. Do not have business cards with no address. You know what I think to myself when I go to a networking event and am handed a business card with no address listed? I think, "Small time!" Do not want to use your home address? Get a PO Box – for a little extra, you can get one that looks like a real address, such as the ones at The UPS Store.


Source by Amir Watynski